Monday 28 February 2022

Will predicted sea rise inundation and flooding affect property values in Coffs Harbour NSW?

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Coffs Harbour 7m rise. Click to enlarge.
As many homes in Coffs Harbour  are flooded because of an intense rain depression we need also to examine the affect of sea rise. 
We also must stop building in flood affected areas. Councils must stop approving development in flood affected areas. It is ridiculous to see new buildings flooded to their roofs. Insurance companies may pay for a while but not without future higher payment rates. In the end every taxpayer pays.
• We are looking more and more unlikely to prevent severe global heating.

• Scientists are predicting the melting of the ice covering Greenland with a subsequent sea level rise of 7m.

• This rise does not factor in sea rise from the melting of Antarctica and other ice.

• Already many properties are likely to flood when a high tide is combined with high local rainfall. What were a hundred year rainfall events are now ten year events.

• The frequency of high rainfall events will increase with global heating and more and more severe hurricanes are predicted because of warmer seas.

• Low coastal areas will be subjected to severe storm surges.

• Would you buy a property likely to be inundated in twenty years, fifty years, a hundred years? Many wouldn't. Even the perception of possible inundation will greatly affect property values.

• When certain properties are in less demand their value falls.

• Would you buy a property with a value likely to fall?

•  The view of Coffs Harbour above shows areas likely to be inundated by a 7m sea level rise.

• Property above a 10m rise will become highly sought after and will greatly rise in value.

Learn more about how sea rise inundation will affect Australian property.

Click here to go to Coastal Risk Australia site

'Retreat' Is Not An Option As A California Beach Town Plans For Rising Seas: NPR 

#inundation  #sea rise  #searise  #climatecrisis  #climatechange  #ice  #melting ice 

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