Thursday 31 January 2019

Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees: Bloomberg

Aleppo Photo by Aladdin Hammami
Aleppo,  Photo by aladdin hammami on Unsplash

Pentagon Fears Confirmed: Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees

The conclusions published Wednesday in a scientific journal underscore the rising levels of anxiety that global warming has among leaders. Attendees at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said the inability to adapt to higher temperatures is the biggest global risk. A Pentagon report published on Tuesday in Washington warned that rising seas and more frequent wild fires threaten U.S. security.


The peer-reviewed study, “Climate, conflict and forced migration,” published in Elsevier Ltd.’s Global Environmental Change, analyzed sprawling data sets covering drought, battle deaths, ethnicity and political systems. Those were then combined with geographic information about refugee flows. The researchers discovered that deteriorating climate conditions played a “a statistically significant role” in the recent waves of migrants fleeing Middle East conflict.

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Wednesday 30 January 2019

Grey Power supports Australian climate action on March 15

Go this Facebook Post to join the action.

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Warming world gets older, wiser, richer activists hot under the collar

A growing number of older protesters are standing up and fighting for the environment

When Audrey Cooke first spoke to her family about her retirement plans, they had one condition: “Don’t get arrested.”
The 72-year-old retired Melbourne schoolteacher’s husband died of pancreatic cancer nine years ago. She has two young grandchildren. And she is now a full-time climate activist.

“I’ll do it until I drop,” she says. “I’m in a hurry. We are facing an existential threat and this is more important than anything for me.”

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Adani contractor won't work on Carmichael project after protesters target worksites

The New Language of Climate Change: Politico Magazine

Climate change and what it is costing communities.
Climate Catastrophe
Scientists and meteorologists on the front lines of the climate wars are testing a new strategy to get through to the skeptics and outright deniers.

PHOENIX—Leading climate scientists and meteorologists are banking on a new strategy for talking about climate change: Take the politics out of it.

That means avoiding the phrase “climate change,” so loaded with partisan connotations as it is. Stop talking about who or what is most responsible. And focus instead on what is happening and how unusual it is—and what it is costing communities.

That was a main takeaway at the American Meteorological Society’s annual meeting this month, where top meteorologists and environmental scientists from around the country gathered to hear the latest research on record rainfall and drought, debate new weather prediction models and digest all manner of analysis on climatic mutations.

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Why it's time to think about human extinction: You Tube

"After listening to this video with Dr David Suzuki, you’ll never be the same again. 

The environmentalist, activist, professor of genetics and science broadcaster hits us with some home truths about what our future will look like if we continue to live the way we have been. What will life be like for our children and grandchildren? Can the damage we’ve done to the planet be reversed? Is extinction of the human race imminent? We talk about population control, the importance of renewable energy and discuss what we can do right now in our own lives that can actually make a difference."

This is for anyone who cares about the future of mankind.

20:06 Why humanity has only got 1 minute left to live
25:25  Humans are the only species that don't care about their own children
29:17  Educate yourself on politics or don't complain about the government
36:26  Can we be saved from our own extinction?
59:09  A final challenge for entrepreneurs

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Tuesday 29 January 2019

'Terrifying': Scientists dig deep for missing piece of climate puzzle: SMH

"... The implications, though, of proof of a reduced ability to destroy methane - which now has a life in the atmosphere of about a decade - would be profound, depending on the scale of any decline.

Apart from raising the warming potential of methane - whether released from coal mines or natural gas fields - the potential for hydrogen to serve as a "clean fuel" could also be placed in doubt. (Labor this week floated a $1 billion plan to create hydrogen export zones in Queensland to be powered by a massive increase in renewable energy.)

"Hydrogen is a very leaky molecule and we’d have to expect that there’d be some leakage in its production," Etheridge says, adding that hydrogen itself has a greenhouse gas effect.

“It may not be of any significance, but we don’t know.”"

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Big rise in atmospheric CO2 expected in 2019: BBC News

old gum trees Tarkeeth forest nsw
Old gum tree
"Met Office researchers expect to record one of the biggest rises in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 in 2019. 

Every year, the Earth's natural carbon sinks such as forests soak up large amounts of CO2 produced
#climatecriminals #climatechange #searise #climatecrisis #globalwarming
Criminal Countries
by human activities.

But in years when the tropical Pacific region is warmer like this year, trees and plants grow less and absorb smaller amounts of the gas. 

As a result, scientists say 2019 will see a much bigger CO2 rise than 2018."

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See also: Gum Trees and tghe fight against global warming.

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Gum trees and the fight against global warming: SMH

Old Gum Tree, Tarkeeth Forest, NSW
Old Gum Tree, Tarkeeth Forest, NSW
"Just as the world grapples with the effects of climate change – fiercer and more frequent bushfires, droughts, floods and freak storms – Australia is doing its darndest to cut down more trees. Forests are disappearing so fast in NSW and Queensland that WWF International has put Australia on its list of global deforestation hot spots – the only one in the developed world – while koala populations continue to be decimated through habitat loss.

Climatologists say one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce carbon emissions is to preserve forests; deforestation accounts for 18 per cent of global emissions, far surpassing vehicles and aircraft combined, according to the Climate Council."

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Monday 28 January 2019

In Brussels, 70,000 Protesters Demand Action On Climate: BCNN1

A protestor holds a placard as he marches during a Rise for the Climate demonstration in Brussels, Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

At least 70,000 people braved cold and rain in Brussels to demand the Belgian government and the European Union increase their efforts to fight climate change Sunday, the Belgian capital’s fourth climate rally in two months to attract at least 10,000 participants.

The event was described as Belgium’s biggest climate march ever, with police estimating slightly bigger crowds than a similar demonstration last month. Trains from across the nation were so clogged thousands of people didn’t make the march in time.

Some 35,000 schoolchildren and students in Belgium skipped classes Thursday to take their demands for urgent action to prevent global warming to the streets.

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How Climate Change Deniers Rise to the Top in Google Searches: NYT

climate change deniers climate criminals sea rise climate-crisis corporations
Who are the climate criminals?
Type the words “climate change” into Google and you could get an unexpected result: advertisements that call global warming a hoax.

“Scientists blast climate alarm,” said one that appeared at the top of the search results page during a recent search, pointing to a website, DefyCCC, that asserted: “Nothing has been studied better and found more harmless than anthropogenic CO2 release.”

Another ad proclaimed: “The Global Warming Hoax — Why the Science Isn’t Settled,” linking to a video containing unsupported assertions, including that there is no correlation between rising levels of greenhouse gases and higher global temperatures.

(In reality, the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions linked to human activity, like rising temperatures and melting sea ice, have been acknowledged by every major scientific organization in the world.)

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Sunday 27 January 2019

Climate Change: The Antidote To Democracy’s Mid-life Crisis: Medium

Graph showing Opinion on climate change
Opinion on climate change

"The manifesto for this new democratic movement will contain few, if any, new ideas. Rather, it will organise a familiar set of policies into a coherent programme:

A flat-rate, no-exceptions tax on emissions — possibly linked to a dividend for all citizens, or with revenues used to fund other climate protection measures.
  1. Investment in renewables and low-emission transport infrastructure, which will also create jobs.
    Enhanced protections for natural carbon sinks in public hands, and incentives for private landowners to increase the quantity of carbon stored by the trees, plants and soils on their land.
    Funding for research into carbon capture and use, energy storage and next generation renewables.
    Higher mandatory energy efficiency standards for all new buildings, saving households and businesses money on their energy bills.
    Scrappage schemes for petrol and diesel vehicles and money for homeowners and landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of existing properties.
    Investment in climate adaptation and resilience to ensure those most exposed to the impacts of extreme weather — from hurricanes to forest fires — are as well protected as possible.
    Public awareness campaigns to promote dietary changes that both reduce emissions and improve health.
    Lowering the voting age to 16, as a way of giving greater democratic voice to those who will be most personally affected by the long-term consequences of global warming."
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Saving the Paris Agreement: Rolling Stone

Bats killed by extreme heat in Australia
Bats killed by extreme heat in Australia
"How a team of U.S. diplomats helped salvage the global pact on climate change in the face of Trump’s denialism"

"Nevertheless, what went down in Katowice was a small but not imperceptible sign that maybe all hope is not lost. “The Paris Agreement could have died in Katowice,” says Li Shuo, head of Greenpeace-China. “Instead, it lives. The question now is, ‘Who will step up and show some ambition and political leadership?’ ”

Friday 25 January 2019

This is what happens to Australia if we don’t act:

"World leaders have been warned that civilisation could collapse


This year Australians have suffered through one of the worst droughts in living memory, bushfires and a heatwave that saw hundreds of flying foxes “boiled alive”. It also saw the publication of one of the most comprehensive reviews of climate science which delivered a “wildly alarming” report about where the world was headed.
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Yet Australia still does not have a climate change or energy policy.

This week there was an extraordinary act of rebellion from NSW Liberal Energy Minister Don Harwin, who used an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review to accuse the Morrison Government of being “out of touch” on climate and energy policy.

Perhaps some of the doom and gloom from recent reports into the world’s changing climate is finally starting to filter through?

Climate change is certainly being taken seriously by many Australians, with the Climate of the Nation report this year showing the number of Australians concerned about it had reached a five-year high.

The report produced by The Australia Institute found 73 per cent of 1756 Australians surveyed were concerned about climate change, up from 66 per cent in 2017.

But Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has hit back at pressure from Mr Harwin and other states and territories who want higher emissions reduction targets, suggesting they need to “get back to reality”.

So what is the reality on climate change? Here are some facts.


On Thursday a new report was released that confirmed Australia had already warmed by 1C since records were first kept in 1910, according to the State of the Climate, a joint analysis released by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO.

As well as a spike in the number of extreme heat days, oceans around Australia seem to be warning and this is contributing to a rise in sea levels, CSIRO director of the Climate Science Centre Helen Cleugh said.

The report confirms the findings of the “wildly alarming” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which also noted the world had warmed by 1C.


The IPCC report has been hugely influential because it looked at 6000 peer-reviewed studies and involved 91 authors and review editors from 40 countries.

It found current pledges made by countries around the world — including Australia’s target to reduce emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 — would see temperatures rise by 3C by the end of the century.

Scientists and climate activists have called on countries to ratchet up their carbon-cutting pledges as soon as possible.
Actions taken in the next 12 years until 2030 will be critical in order to have a chance of keeping global warming to 1.5C.
Temperatures are likely to rise by 1.5C between 2030 and 2052 if they continue to increase at the current rate.


The future is bleak for one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions, which is estimated to be worth $56 billion to the country."

Read the complete article and see the video

New Zealand's Prime Minister discusses climate change: ABC

The World Economic Forum discusses climate heating.
Gore, Attenborough and Ardern

NZ PM addresses combating climate change

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern discusses climate change alongside David Attenborough at a World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

'being on the right side of history'

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and naturalist David Attenborough have issued a strong message to world leaders who do not believe in climate change while appearing together at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.

Key points:

  • Ms Ardern said combating climate change is "about being on the right side of history'
  • Attenborough said "it's difficult to overstate the climate change crisis"

Joining a panel hosted by former US vice president Al Gore, Ms Ardern, a long-time supporter of efforts to combat climate change, said leaders do not have to cede power by acting on the matter.

"There's nothing to fear about your individual political status," she said.

"Actually, this is about being on the right side of history.
"Do you want to be a leader that you look back in time and say that you were on the wrong side of the argument when the world was crying out for a solution?
"It's as simple as that, I think."

ABC article 

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Thursday 24 January 2019

'He's coming home': Tim Flannery returns to Australian Museum

Professor Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year
Professor Flannery
"While concerned about Australia's lack of action on climate, Professor Flannery said "you have to remain optimistic". 

"You’ve got to look at this problem over decades. It’s a problem that’s developed over two centuries and it’s not going to be solved tomorrow," he said.;

But he said Australia must do more and said neither side of politics was offering enough of a solution.

"Is any political party doing enough, given the current situation, to avoid two degrees of warming? It’s very unlikely. We’ve got to do more. Our targets need to be increased."

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Pacific shames PM on climate policy: SMH

PM Scott Morrison is likely to lose the next federal election.
PM Scott Morrison
"Mr Morrison's visit, which follows a trip to Papua New Guinea last year where he announced a naval base on Manus Island, reflected a new awareness of the need to counterbalance China's growing influence in the region.

The visit was not only diplomatically and symbolically significant. Mr Morrison and his counterparts announced a range of cooperative projects, overwhelmingly funded by Australia, on infrastructure, migration, border protection, military capacity, sport, economics and more.

But while Mr Morrison's gesture in showing the flag was welcome, his trip was marred by a lack of leadership on the region’s biggest issue, global warming – which poses an existential threat through rising sea levels and the increased frequency of catastrophic weather events."

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“Hothouse Earth” Co-Author: The Problem Is Neoliberal Economics: the Intercept

"By shifting to a “wartime footing” to drive a rapid shift toward renewable energy and electrification, humanity can still avoid the apocalyptic future laid out in the much-discussed “hothouse earth” paper, a lead author of the paper told The Intercept. One of the biggest barriers to averting catastrophe, he said, has more to do with economics than science.

When journal papers about climate change make headlines, the news usually isn’t good. Last week was no exception, when the so-called hothouse earth paper, in which a team of interdisciplinary Earth systems scientists warned that the problem of climate change may be even worse than we thought, made its news cycle orbit. (The actual title of the paper, a commentary published in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, is “Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene.”)"

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Why Saving the Earth Needs To Become Our Primary Political Obsession: Medium

We must generate enrgy with renewables.
Greenhouse gases
"Will Steffen, one of the authors of the Hothouse Earth paper, puts it like this:

Absolutely no new fossil fuel developments. None. That means no new coal mines, no new oil wells, no new gas fields, no new unconventional gas fracking. Nothing new. Second, you need to have a rapid phase-out plan for existing fossil fuels.”

He also goes on to make the point that we need to be on something like a “wartime footing” in order to re-align the trajectory of the planet.

I mean, imagine if climate change, and all the other existential threats we have created, were a giant asteroid hurtling to earth — what resources we’d muster to save the planet! But in disaster movie scenarios, no-one ever objects to being rescued on the grounds that it might negatively affect their profits.

And there’s the crunch.

We need to outlaw fossil fuels."

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Wednesday 23 January 2019

The good, the bad and the ugly of climate change in 2018: Green Magazine

we want climate action now

As the planet relentlessly warms, action to address it is also heating up.  But while other parties are quickly adopting the cause, the Greens have been at the forefront of climate change action for years – and still are.

By Chris Johansen

Although ‘economics’ is derided as the ‘dismal science’, I would suggest that an even more dismal one is ‘climate science’. The unfolding series of measurements quantifying how planet Earth is overall warming, and its manifestations, paints a gloomy future for not only our grandkids but our kids – and even us. 

Increasing understanding of how humanity is driving this change, mainly through deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels, also presents solutions for turning this process around, i.e. revegetate and convert to renewable energy. However, an additional pall of gloom is imposed by the failure of humanity to, so far, meaningfully implement the obvious solutions to an otherwise inevitable catastrophe.

At this time of year, it is usual to sit back and review where we are, in the light of events unfolding over the previous 12 months. 

Yes, the bad news keeps on coming but signs of meaningful action to turn around our present climate trajectory are appearing.

David Attenborough tells Davos: ‘The Garden of Eden is no more’ : The Guardian

David Attenborough at Davos.
David Attenborough
"Human activity has created a new era yet climate change can be stopped, says naturalist

Sir David Attenborough has warned that “the Garden of Eden is no more”, as he urged political and business leaders from around the world to make a renewed push to tackle climate change before the damage is irreparable.

Speaking at the start of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, the 92-year-old naturalist and broadcaster warned that human activity has taken the world into a new era, threatening to undermine civilisation."

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Tuesday 22 January 2019

You Tube Video: Climate Science: What You Need To Know

Learn the basic science of climate change in 24 easy steps

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Scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, Earth is getting warmer, sea levels are rising, and it's primarily because of humans putting lots of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Whether you already trust in the science, you're undecided, or you disagree with what all this, this video is for you!


Want to learn about the science of climate change and why humans are causing it, but in layman's terms? I recommend these books: Climate Change: Evidence and Causes (National Academy of Sciences/Royal Society) FREE ebook: Global Weirdness (Climate Central) How to Change Minds About Our Changing Climate (Seth Darling + Douglas Sisterson)

Monday 21 January 2019

Shed A Light: Rupert Read – This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done?: You Tube Video

The Paris Agreement explicitly commits us to use non-existent, utterly reckless, unaffordable and ineffective 'Negative Emissions Technologies' which will almost certainly fail to be realised. Barring a multifaceted miracle, within a generation, we will be facing an exponentially rising tide of climate disasters that will bring this civilization down. We, therefore, need to engage with climate realism. This means an epic struggle to mitigate and adapt, an epic struggle to take on the climate-criminals and, notably, to start planning seriously for civilizational collapse. 

 Dr Rupert Read is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia. Rupert is a specialist in Wittgenstein, environmental philosophy, critiques of Rawlsian liberalism, and philosophy of film. His research in environmental ethics and economics has included publications on problems of ‘natural capital’ valuations of nature, as well as pioneering work on the Precautionary Principle. Recently, his work was cited by the Supreme Court of the Philippines in their landmark decision to ban the cultivation of GM aubergine. Rupert is also chair of the UK-based post-growth think tank, Green House, and is a former Green Party of England & Wales councillor, spokesperson, European parliamentary candidate and national parliamentary candidate. He stood as the Green Party MP-candidate for Cambridge in 2015. 

 About the series Shed A Light is a series of talks that seek to present alternative framings of future human-nature interactions and the pragmatic solution pathways that we could take to get there. By recognising the interlinkages between struggles for ecological, social and economic justice in addition to the desperate need for immediate societal transformation, Shed A Light aims to engage everyone with the green agenda and prompt broad-based discussions on sustainability issues. 

Filmed at Churchill College, 7 November 2018.

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Sunday 20 January 2019

Will we survive the next 100 years? Medium

"We have it in us to organise from ground up and show the leaders of the world that we want bold, tough and legally binding policies. We must demand nothing less than 100% renewable energy by 2030. We must demand car-free cities built for cycling and pedestrians. We must demand low-energy agriculture. We must demand it today — through our actions and from the people we vote for."

Read the Medium article

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Thursday 17 January 2019

The world's 15 hottest sites on Tuesday were all in Australia: SMH

"Australia was home to all 15 of the world's hottest temperatures on Tuesday, a feat it may well repeat on Wednesday and beyond as a huge swath of the nation bakes in 45-degree-plus heat.

A slew of records have already fallen during the current heatwave and more are likely to be broken before a cool change breaks up the furnace later this week."

#heatwaves  #Australia  #risingtemperatures  #climateactionnow

Read the SMH article

Meeting Paris Agreement Targets Would Create 24 Million Jobs Globally: Nexus Media

"A rapid transition to clean energy would create, not eliminate, jobs."

"The study, which appears in the journal International Labour Review, found that accelerating the transition to clean energy could add 24 million jobs globally by 2030. In reaching their conclusions, Montt and his colleagues developed a model of the world economy to reflect how it would look with widespread adoption of renewables and enhanced energy efficiency. They found the impact in the renewables sector will ripple across other industries, such as construction and manufacturing."

Read the Nexus Media article 

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The Year That Climate Change Became a Kitchen-Table Issue: Nexus Media

"Not only are more Americans worried about climate change than ever before, for the first time, a significant portion of the electorate rates climate change as a top issue. In 2016, climate change was the sixth most important issue for liberal Democrats, according to Yale and George Mason University, while today it’s their fourth most important issue. It may be higher still. A recent Marist poll found that, among all Democrats, climate change is the second most important issue, trailing only health care. And it’s not just Democrats. In particularly vulnerable parts of the country, like Florida, Republicans are worried too."

Read the Nexus Media article 

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Tuesday 15 January 2019

CCR: COP24: Capricious foes, Big Sister and high-carbon plutocrats

"If you ignore rising emissions from aviation and shipping along with those related to the UK’s imports and exports, a chirpy yarn can be told. But then why not omit cars, cement production and other so-called “hard to decarbonise” sectors? In reality, since 1990 carbon dioxide emissions associated with operating UK plc. have, in any meaningful sense, remained stubbornly static.[1] But let’s not just pick on the UK. The same can be said of many self-avowed climate-progressive nations, Denmark, France and Sweden amongst them. And then there’s evergreen Norway with emissions up 50% since 1990.
Sadly the subterfuge of these supposed progressives was conveniently hidden behind the new axis of climate-evil emerging in Katowice[2]: Trump’s USA; MBS’s Saudi; Putin’s Russia; and the Emir’s Kuwait – with Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, quietly sniggering from the side-lines. But surely no one really expected more from this quintet of regressives. It’s the self-proclaimed paragons of virtue where the real intransigence (or absence of imagination) truly resides. When it comes to commitments made in Paris, the list of climate villains extends far and wide – with few if any world leaders escaping the net."

Read the full Climate Code Red article 

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Monday 14 January 2019

New U.S. Climate Assessment Forecasts Dire Effects On Economy, Health: NPR

"The Trump administration released a major climate assessment on Black Friday, the culmination of years of research by the country's top climate scientists. It's well over 1,000 pages and touches on a daunting range of topics.

President Trump said Monday that he has read parts of it. "It's fine," he told reporters at the White House, although he said he doesn't believe the report's assessment that climate change will cause devastating economic impacts for the U.S."

Read the NPR article 

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Sunday 13 January 2019

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'Retreat' Is Not An Option As A California Beach Town Plans For Rising Seas: NPR

"Del Mar is one of countless coastal communities in California and across the U.S. that is seeing the impacts of climate change and preparing for worse to come.

By midcentury, tens of millions of U.S. homes and billions of dollars of property are likely to be destroyed or made unusable by increased flooding from rising seas and storms, according to a recent climate report by the U.S. government.

"Sea level rise and storm surge could completely erode two-thirds of southern California beaches by 2100," the report warns.

That leaves residents of seaside towns like Del Mar with an alarming choice: stay and fight those impacts, or turn and leave."

Read the NPR article 

#sealevelrise  #climatecatastrophe  #climateaction

Thursday 10 January 2019

We have already created extreme extreme weather

Hurricane Michael, October 9, 2018. Source: NOAA

The Human Fingerprints on Extreme Weather


"Climate change is already taking a massive toll, and it’s only going to get worse."

"Hurricane Michael broke records Wednesday, when it became the most powerful cyclone ever recorded to make landfall along the Florida Panhandle. Abnormally warm waters fueled winds up to 155 miles per hour, which laid waste to homes and businesses caught in the storm’s path. As multiple outlets noted, climate change likely fueled the record-breaking wind speeds. That fact is notable given that both reporters and researchers have historically been reticent to link any one storm to climate change.

Five or ten years ago, if you asked a scientist how climate change figured into a particular hurricane, she would demur, saying that it was impossible to blame any single event on the overall warming trend. Those days are over. In the last decade, scientists have developed sophisticated tools for finding the human fingerprint on extreme weather. The emerging field of attribution research, as it’s known, investigates the role of climate change in specific events. A newly published report amassing more than 200 attribution studies makes clear that heat-trapping carbon pollution is already making the weather measurably more severe."

Read the Medium article

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